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Which Flower Are You?

OK, so I took an internet quiz, i couldn’t help it! it was about flowers !!!!! (3rd on the list of non resistible vices of mine)

There, I said it. let’s move on.

Anyways, results were surprising, I was 100% sure I am a Peony, turned up I am a Sunflower. I have no idea what it means, but I am fine with it foe time being.

In the language of flowers, the sunflower is synonymous with devotion because the blossoms of these mammoth flowers follow the path of the sun across the sky. In a similar manner, you are known for your loyalty and steadiness. You value meaningful relationships, wisdom, and always seek to become the best possible version of yourself. Your friends can count on you for insight and guidance, and you enjoy sharing insight as much as you do acquiring it. An idealist and a romantic, everything you do speaks to your devotion to living a good life and helping others do the same.

Check out which flower you are in this Flower Magazine fun 9 questions quiz

Share your results if you may.



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