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‘We are Freckled’

I have a true deep freckles weakness, i think they are awesome, and people with freckles are so beautiful. ‘We are Freckled’ was crowed founded on kickstarter  as a coffee table book project by photographer Jonas Carmhagen, designer Niclas Gozzi, and writer Natalie Tell.

why freckles?

“Among many, you will find the mother, daughter, model, waitress, father, son, lawyer, student, brother, sister, CEO, pensioner, businessman, cousin and grandparent. Many of these beautiful people have grown up hating their freckles, but later come to love them. I want to tell everyone — freckled or not — that you are beautiful precisely the way you are created, and to not bother spending time thinking otherwise. This project is a reminder of that.”

Get your copy for €39 – here

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