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The Line – Youthful Impressions

A brilliant photoshoot by Hanna Tveite for The Line holiday campaign.

The Line is a modern and personal approach to retail. They bring together carefully chosen fashionhome, and beauty items and place them in context through inspiring editorial features and intimate offline shopping experiences.


Recall the way you once dressed in your mother’s silk evening dress, pairing it with pearls and shoes that seemed unimaginable to walk in. Beyond nostalgic sentiment, pretend play is a break from routine, from the kind of habitual actions that lead to stagnation. Dressing just a little less like yourself—a little less predictable—keeps fashion feeling effortless, unconfined, and wonderfully childlike.

Playing dress up imbues the present with the memory of a former life; when dressing like an adult beget fascination for an unknown world.

Visit The Line here / Follow on Facebook and Instagram.



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