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‘The Essence of Ballet’ by Ingrid Bugge


Danish fine art photographer Ingrid Bugge, inspired by two years of observing The Royal Danish Ballet, produced ‘The Essence of Ballet’, a photographic collage series that explores the mystery, poetry and drama associated with the art of dance.

Her unique technique makes her work magical – she manipulates the images and printing process to create visuals that look more like classical paintings than photographs in their composition, coloring and expression.

For more of Bugge’s  amazing art work  visit her Website and follow her on Instagram.

The human body, its movements, its stories, its intimacy, and its honesty. These are my artistic passions. In my art projects, I always start by examining the subject, which somehow is also an examination of some part of me. I mirror what I see and thus I must feel and understand before creating my own interpretations. This is a parallel process (between) the subject and me. I collect different motives and textures with my camera. With this material as my foundation, I construct my own universe with photographs. I create my own interpretation through collages of pictures; I work with different color schemes and play with textures.




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