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Sanayi313 Atelier – Bacio Slippers

Two brothers came together to build a lifestyle store in Istanbul. They both completed their studies in economics. While one of the brothers Amir, plays an important role in the family business of automotive and construction chemicals, Enis followed his dream of ‘’interior design’’

Enis’s hunger to the aesthetic, curiosity for the newness joined Amir’s business expertise to pursue his life philosophy to Istanbul with Sanayi 313.

Sanayi 313 combines different disciplines: Design, art and food. A gallery of distinguished furniture, home & fashion accessories and a healthy/refined restaurant occupy the ground floor within different corners. Upstairs functions as an office space for Sanayi 313 Architects and Atelier.

I first learned about this great brand while stumbling this amazing line of SS17- Bacio Slippers, check it out:



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