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Note to Self, On Time Management

One of my new favorite struggles: Time Managment.

As I’m simultaneously working on few very different projects, each pushing towards a very different creative direction, I find myself not once struggling to manage one project from beginning to end and trying to prioritize importance vs. urgency with checklists and what-have-you.


Then, I found this brilliant article by Joanna Wiebe, which sums up so accurately my current situation.

Professionals tend to overestimate work hours; we remember our busiest weeks as typical. This is partly because negative experiences stand out in the mind more than positive ones, and partly because we all like to see ourselves as hard-working.

Few guidelines to help you with time management:

Turn off Facebook desktop notifications

Schedule when you’ll check your inbox

Zero-in on times to take meetings in Calendly

Take on a single-focus approach

Get up earlier to write for fun

Schedule your entire day

Stop using your browser tabs and inbox as a to-do list

Figure out how to get Trello to speak to your calendar

Figure out what your priorities really are.


Button line :

We are nowhere nearly as busy as we think you are. 

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