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If I Were a Ballerina

Kelly Conaboy rounding up for The New Yorker great thought about the essence of being a ballerina, there are my favorite :

“I’d know everything there is to know about ballet.

If I were a ballerina, I wouldn’t broadcast it. Equal parts modest and lithe, I would grand jeté to and fro, here and there.

I wouldn’t bring up being a ballerina out of nowhere in conversation. I’d wait to be prompted.

If I were a ballerina, I would take fate into my own hands.

If I were a ballerina, graceful and refined, I’d work tirelessly at my craft. Day and night I would practice in an unadorned dance studio.

Yes, if I were a ballerina, even my very worst enemies would have to admit: Damn, she’s good at what she does.”

Read the full article here.



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