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‘Hard Copy’ 3D Couture by Noa Raviv

Noa Raviv, Israeli designer currently based in NYC presenting her ‘Hard Copy‘, a 3D printed couture collection, which had been created during her studies at Shenkar College of engineering and design.

Brilliant outcome of her fascination by the tension between harmony and chaos, tradition and innovation, sensitively seeking for the perfect balance. By observing and looking for the uniqueness and beauty in the mundane and ordinary, her ‘Hard Copy’ collection uses the classical art and its evolution as the point of departure.

“These objects cannot be printed, nor produced in reality. They exist only in the virtual space. The tension between the real and the virtual, between 2D and 3D inspired me to create this collection.”

‘Hard Copy’ was exhibited as part of ‘Manus X Machina’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during 2016.

Visit Noa’s Website for more work, and follow her on Instagram.



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