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Few Things of Note #76

8 Tel Aviv restaurants for design buffs by The Spaces >


How to develop better habits in 2019 ? (make it about your identity)


The Period Game Learn how to go with the flow with this menstruation-themed board game (only 6 days to go – pledge here and support on kickstarter)


Instead of trying to do everything, figure out what deserves your time and energy

The law of two-thirds

In the world of business, the law of two-thirds offers criteria for decisions about what will define a product or organization. Essentially, you can’t do everything so what should you do? What are you going to focus on?

This concept, when approached with honesty about our limitedness, identifies three primary elements that are instrumental in the success of a business:

  1. Quality

  2. Speed

  3. Price


EN Japanese Cosmetics Boutique in Paris by Archiee (via)

a new must-see-must-be-must-do spot added to my ever-growing Paris map.

Have a great weekend!

Be good


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