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10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably Part Of

Such a fun article by Tim Urban for ‘Wait but Why’ that sums up pretty well the very odd situation we are facing while making friends at an old age (i mean, not in high school..)

This is a quick roundup of the 10 types, to read the full article >> here

  1. The non-questing-asking friend

  2. The Friend in the Group You Can’t Be Alone With Under Any Circumstances

  3. The Non-Character-Breaking Friend You Have to be “On” With

  4. The Double-Obligated Friendship

  5. The Half Marriage

  6. The Historical Friend

  7. The Non-Parallel Life Paths Friendship

  8. The Frenemy

  9. The Facebook Celebrity Friend

  10. The Lopsided Friendship

Enjoy !



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