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Trends – S/S18 Collections Through the Color Spectrum (AnOther)

Spectrum, a new book from renowned minimalist architect John Pawson celebrates the “deeds of light” of the color spectrum through a curated collection of almost-abstract photographs. The book journeys through a spectral cycle, encouraging the reader to note the minute differences in shades and hues, and to look at the stories the brain creates as a result.

Something similar happens when a fashion designer presents a new collection, one where colour is pushed to the forefront. We are forced to reconsider something as simple as a burst of blue or shock of yellow, to evaluate why it might be so and how it makes us feel. Colour, after all, is something fundamentally sensual, and thus should never be taken for granted

a sneak peeks of ss18 fashion runway made by Ana Kinsella for AnOther :


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