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Few Things of Note #45

Hey There,

Officially it’s still count as weekend… few links:

  1. 100 inspirational quotes to love life.

  2. AboutUs – Summer by Karina&Stoa

  3. Synchronized swimmers film – so amazing !

  4. Mansur Gavriel bucket bag will probably remain my favorite

  5. Taste of Paris 2017, unfortunately i will miss it by few days… if you happen to be in Paris around May 18-21, this is a must.

  6. 16 rules of modern etiquette . (#7 – “A woman can wear a hat or gloves indoors”).

  7. Living in style at the amazing apartment complex of La Muralla Roja in Calpe/Spain.

Be Good,

and come visit us at the ‘Stoa ‘for the must luxurious lifestyle event ! (see above #2)

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