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'Chocolet it Draw' concept by AMENO x RONG Design

The Shanghai based design house RONG reinvented the way to enjoy the chocolate. The combination of drawing and chocolate tasting stimulates the creativity of the kids and makes the break time a delightful experience.

'Chocolat' is a cooperation experimental project with the chocolate brand AMENO. The creative and disruptive thinking pushed the teams to break the old and dull image of the chocolate and to bring more fun and meanings to it.

Most of the kids have no resistance to the doodling and having chocolate. The chocolate crayon and wafer paper with animal filling graphics provided an extremely fun and playful experience for the kids.

All the animal patterns are printed in wafer rice paper with eatable ink. Kids can match the different flavor and color of chocolate with these patterns. Eating and doodling, double the happiness of having chocolate.


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