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Children Rewrite the House Rules

What happened when 3 families let their kids rewrite the house rules for one week? Yes’ you guessed it right…

The Guardian presents: Don’t Try t at home!

The funniest and probably the most exhausting week a parent can ask for. here are the rules, you’ll be the judge.

full article – here

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Jake and Joe’s rules

  1. Decca isn’t allowed to say no

  2. No baths

  3. Hourly food fight

  4. Unlimited screens

  5. No bedtime

  6. Decca has to play Laser Tag when we want

  7. Unlimited sweets and crisps and chocolates and fizzy drinks

  8. Decca has to disco dance when we want

  9. Email Donald Trump every 10 hours to insult him

  10. We are allowed to get games on Decca’s phone

  11. Allowed to swear

  12. Unlimited water fights

  13. Worst table manners

  14. No vegetables

  15. Allowed to jump on Decca’s bed, to play on a Wii and to pee on the toilet seat


Laila’s rules

  1. Watch more TV

  2. Have Mummy and Daddy both read to me at bedtime

  3. No arguing

  4. Daddy not to look at his phone at dinnertime

  5. Breakfast of Coco Pops

  6. Dinner of fish fingers, chips, and peas

  7. Bedtime when I want

  8. Daddy singing songs from Matilda at bedtime

  9. No tidying up


Jimmy and Dolly’s rules

  1. A lift anywhere, any time

  2. Weekly family games night

  3. Themed dinner every night – Mexican, Indian, etc

  4. Constant supply of chocolate cereal

  5. We decide bedtime

Evangeline, Dash and Lester’s rules

  1. Sweets every day

  2. Watch telly every day after school

  3. Sleep in Mum’s bed

  4. To be read to for as long as we want every night

  5. Pizza for supper




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